Saturday, August 8, 2009

Norman Chapel

It's chapels like this that make you want to become an art history major. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor due to my sheer amazement for this hidden gem. Each week I go into the cemetery telling myself that I have seen it all. Then there was Norman Chapel. As soon as we all walked in, I knew I was in the presence of greatness. I know it all may sound a little cheesy but as I looked around this beautiful piece of architecture I visualized the 19th century stone carvers each putting their own twist on the Chapel. The intricate patterns of the arches and pillars were truly breathtaking. We all think of conventional professions but looking at these makes you appreciate the guy behind the scenes. Structures like this are usually appreciated as a whole but after doing some investigative work you come to admire the small details. Another thing I really liked was the stained glass window displaying the ascension of Christ. It seems like when the sun hits it in the right place, it would be an even more beautiful sight. All in all, I really enjoyed Norman Chapel and plan on adding it to my list of must-sees at Spring Grove.

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  1. The degree of care and craftsmanship we can see in this building is worth noting so beautiful- it reminds me of the need to simply slow down and really take the time to look at things. Perhaps that is the message of the cemetery itself. Stop rushing through life and look at stuff!