Monday, August 17, 2009

Dexter Mausoleum (unfinished business)

I think this may be the greatest thing I have seen at Spring Grove to date. The Gothic feel of the Dexter Mausoleum gives a good sense of history and character. The saddest part about the whole experience is the fact that it isn't finished. This actually gives it even more character in my opinion. It gives the onlooker a chance to create their own story for what happened and/or the reason behind it being incomplete. Edmund Dexter was one of Cincinnati's most successful whiskey importers and rectifiers. Him and his brother paid a whopping $100,000 (1.3 million in today's money) for this gargantuous structure. The reason this place spoke to me so much is not only the inside but the building itself. I dont know much about architecture but I am actually a fan of James Keys Wilson. His style was so rich and reminescent of the Gothic rvival. Some of his other buildings in the city are just as magical and remind me of campus buildings located at Ivy League schools on the east coast. Just like some of the smaller scale monuments at Spring Grove, it was built in sandstone (one of the worst building materials). I would have to say the inside was very crepy and I felt like I was a cast member in a Wes Craven film. The unfinished elevator with the broken fence gives you reason to wonder as well... I think if they finished the upstairs, this building would easily surpass Cincinnati history and get more national/world recognition. If there was proper upkeep like some other keys works (Wise Temple on Plum) they may have to charge to get into the cemetery. I enjoyed walking around for the remainderof class but I could'nt keep my mind off this building and the possible story behind it and it's purchasers. I actually found out that there is a drink named after Edmund Dexter. For all you whiskey fans here is the recipe.

Ed Dexter
2 ounces Bourbon (Elijah Craig 12 yr)
1/2 ounce orange curaƧao (Harlequin)
1/4 ounce simple syrup

stir over ice, strain into cocktail glass
garnish with lemon twist and slice of orange

Edmund Dexter, Cincinnati’s
most successful Whiskey
importer and rectifier

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  1. What!! where did you find this!! OMG! Are you a drinking man? I'll buy!