Thursday, July 23, 2009

George F. Wambsgans

George Wambsgans originally came to the US from Germany in the early 19th century as a boy. There isn't much information about him or the family but on record there were only 22 people with the last name Wambsgans to come to the US from Germany (while there still remains a community full of them in Germany). George died in 1875 of consumption (also known as tuberculosis). One of the most notable symbols on Mr. Wambsgans monument is the angel holding the palm. Usually angels are used in order symbolize protection or guardianship. They also stand for dignity, honor, and glory. The palm branch usually stands for victory justice and honor. However an angel holding a palm branch in their hand stands for the reward of the righteous. Mr. Wambsgans was probably a proud man who played life by the rules (or at least with a sense of dignity). The second example of symbolism is the cross, anchor, and heart. These three items together is the symbol for faith, hope, and charity. This leads me to beleive that Mr. Wambsgans was a man of faith. The angel and the cross alone display this. The third symbol, which I was originally unaware of, is the poppy close to the top of the monument. The use of poppies originates from Greco-Roman myths. The symbolism not only comes from the scarlet red colour but also the usage of poppy. The color represents the promise of resurrection after death and the poppy iself represents eternal sleep (because of the opium extracted from them). The last symbol is that of the celtic cross lying at the very top of the monument like a christmas tree angel. The celtic cross used to mark the graves of preists prior to the 19th century but now they are everywhere around the cemetery. It is now seen as a powerful symbol of faith and heritage. Though I could'nt find much information on Mr. Wambsgans it seems like he lived a full and prideful life. It just goes to show that not only are there countless symbols in the cemetery, but millions of life stories.

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