Thursday, July 9, 2009

1. What is the significance of the quote on the Lunken Mausoleum?
2. Who are the Lunkens?
3. Why are some of the tombstones in the shape of a bench?
4. How is it that newer plots are mixed in with very old ones?
5. Why are their fences with ivy over some graves?
6. Is the sculpture next to John William Becker (architect) one of his works?
7. Why is their only one date on certain tombstones?
8. Who pays for the upkeep of the cemetery?
9. What is the significance of the trees on the Rettig tombstone?
10. What’s the reasoning behind the grape wraths? (Johnston)
11. Can people have mausoleums constructed before they die?
12. How much is a family plot?
13. Is it pricier to be in the back?
14. Why are the cemetery roads so curvy?
15. Why put down blank tombstones?
16. How much is the average tombstone/headstone?
17. Do some individuals asked to be buried under trees? (Ida Nave)
18. Why is there a snake wrapped around a tree/fish on one of the headstones?
19. Why are the tombstones facing in all different directions (Sec. 116)
20. How many people are currently buried at Spring Grove?
21. Who came up with the name Spring Grove?
22. How many people are buried here annually (on average)?
23. How many different plant-life forms occupy Spring Grove?
24. How many acres total is Spring Grove?
25. What are the security procedures for the grounds?

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